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Digital HD TV Antenna Installation

Are you interested in watching in watching your favourite shows onfree-to-air TV? In order to do this, you need quality receiving equipment. Adelaide Urban Electrical supply & install quality digital antennas, we have the right equipment to ensure you receive quality signals for your viewing pleasure.

We will remove and replace your old antenna with a new digital Antenna, ensuring the highest quality picture is received. We can install additional TV points and wall mount for a modern finish. If you are living in an area which has bad reception, we can provide solutions to boost your signal strength.

We will also provide a resolutionto hide your visible cables to create a clean modern look, you can then watch your shows whether they are free to air or streaming from the net.

Phone & Data (internet) outlets Installation

With our reliance more and more on digital information, it’s imperative that the network speed is providing access to the internet quickly and reliably.

If your wireless network is not providing enough speed for your needs, a wired network will provide high-speed access for streaming, online games, IP security cameras or watching movies in high resolution.

AUEs network cabling and data point services include:

  • Data network design, internet install and repair
  • Phone cable & socket install and repair
  • Antenna points & cable hubs
  • Upgrade of existing data network to include additional TV’s
  • Home office design and setup of all data and phone cabling

Home Theatre Set Up

A custom home theatre experience is very much attainable these days and will certainly increase the value of your home. Adelaide Urban Electrical can provide an affordable home theatre system with creative design strategies so you can produce an authentic movie experience.

Location is key to setting up a home theatre, if you have a spare bedroom or living space, we can work with you to realise your vision. We will work with you to:

  • Configure the area, equipment, seating and screen positioning
  • Design the lighting to enhance viewing experience; dimmable recessed lighting, wall sconces, downlights, strip lighting and in-ground lighting all add to the authenticity of a cinema experience
  • Sound engineering, speaker placement and mounting to isolate outside noise and absorb sound instead of reflecting or conducting.
  • Hidden cabling to improve the aesthetics of the room
  • Projector installation

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