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Installing home automation


Using Smartphones has made our lives much easier; information is managed at a touch or a swipe. The next step which has been taken by many in our innovative world, is this smart technology in our homes.

This smart technology or Home Automation systems can manage functions in your home, this includes:

  • Lighting, heating and cooling control
  • Audio control& video entertaining
  • Energy efficiency monitoring and reporting
  • Switching appliances on or off
  • Automatically securing and monitoring your home
  • Locking gates and doors
  • Controlling of blinds/curtains
  • Watering of your garden



Savings to your energy bills, increasing the value of your home

You can have precise control over your home heating and cooling with a programmable smart thermostat which remembers your schedule and temperature preferences and then recommends the best energy efficient settings throughout the day. As the day draws to a close, lights can be programmed to switch to an evening mode and can be programmed to turn off or on when you enter or leave a room, you will never waste energy or money on your energy bills again!

Home automation connected to smart watch
Using a phone for home automation systems

Increased Safety, provides comfort and peace of mind

Automation systems can connect security cameras, motion sensors, automated door locks etc throughout your home, you can activate from your phone at any time whether you are at home or at the other site of the world! Security cameras can offer other benefits through either remote monitoring of deliveries, instant video of your family and pets or unwanted visitors. Automated lighting deters crime and motion sensors help illuminate dark areas for people & pets.

Convenience and control

Home automation technology performs remote tasks automatically, you can synchronise the lights to switch on and the blinds to go up every day at the same time. 40-degree day? Turn on your AC from your smart phone at work so when you get home, the home will be cool. Can’t remember whether you closed the garage after you left home? You can verify remotely with an app. Getting home late from work? you can have your oven start to preheat so dinner is on time.

Home automation screen
using phone inside an automated home

Improved appliance functionality& improved comfort

Smart homes can assist you to use your appliances more effectively. A smart TV suggest better apps and channels to locate your favourite show, a smart oven will assist you to make the perfect sponge cake, connecting your appliances with automation technology will improve the appliance performance and make your life much easier and simpler.

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