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Energy Management – Adelaide Urban Electrical

With South Australia’s electricity prices continually on the rise, it’s wise to take the time to look at your home’s energy management. Energy management means the process of tracking and monitoring energy reduction in a home or commercial building. Here at Adelaide urban electrical, our services will help you create better energy efficiency and the reduction in power costs and carbon emissions.

We’ve listed some of our energy management services below:

Energy Conservation

Understanding energy consumption is crucial if you want to reduce your electricity costs. Our team can complete a full home energy assessment. This will enable us to determine your energy usage as well as identify areas of energy wastage and any energy inefficiencies.


To determine how your energy is used around your property, and to reduce your electricity consumption and bills, we will evaluate and advise of the following:


  • How and when you use your appliances
  • Energy-saving opportunities
  • The efficiency of the heating and cooling units around your property and how they are being used
  • The efficiency and design of lighting system including sensor lighting
  • If there is a home energy management system (A home energy management system (HEMS is a device that uses both hardware and software to help you to manage and control your household’s energy usage)

We can also submit proposals outlining suggested improvements, which effectively reduce your energy costs.

Save With Sensor Lighting Installation

Motion sensor lighting for the exterior of your home is an excellent way to increase your home security. There will no longer be a need to manually operate your outdoor lighting, saving you hours of runtime per year. Be sure to call our team to organise a free quote and assess which products would suit your outdoor needs.

Solar Power

Renewable energy, such as solar power, is also an excellent way to create a low carbon footprint and decrease your electricity costs.

Our team can help with the installation of your new solar power system.

In Need of Energy Management Services in Adelaide? Call Adelaide Urban Electrical!

If you’re looking to better your home’s energy management and create a low carbon footprint, be sure to give the team at Adelaide Urban electrical a call today!

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