Whether you are a homeowner or business operator we will help with any electrical query. Our expertise and resources, combined with our professional approach, has enabled us to meet clients' needs while maintaining a cost effective, quality service. Experience encompasses German electrical engineering with an SA business footprint offering a local business with international experience.

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Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Our experience in providing lighting and electrical solutions to Adelaide’s residents and business owners is second to none. We provide professional advice on products and services for a wide range of indoor and outdoor light fittings, including LED lighting. We provide a professional service for both residential and commercial clients, AUE will provide advice on design, colour selection, style, product and positioning in line with your vision, whether you wish to automate tasks, create ambiance, warm or cool the environment or simply create a relaxing environment for your staff or family.


We offer LED light installations and lighting upgrades. LED lights are fast become the lighting of choice, cheaper in the long term and more environmentally friendly. AUE offer top grade LED lights and installation at reasonable prices.


Whether you are wishing to use floodlights to compliment a landscaped garden or wishing to feature your pool, decking, spa or patio areas to provide a stunning feature, we can provide tailored solutions to reflect your vision. We can install motion sensor lighting to light the exterior of an office building for security measures. Designing an alfresco area of a café? By mixing down lights with statement spotlights and by choosing ambient and feature lights we can create an effortless dining lighting experience.

Fans and Heaters

Ceiling fans: Save energy and money in both winter and summer seasons by installing a ceiling fan, most of which use as much power as a 60 watt light globe, you can feel cool for as little as 2 cents per hour. During peak summer, a ceiling fan working with an air conditioner reduces your running costs by up to 40%. During winter? A ceiling fan with reverse mode circulates warm air downwards, lowering heating costs by up to 10%.

Bathroom and exhaust fans installations: adequate ventilation is essential for the bathroom, kitchen and laundry to expel humid air before it condenses into moisture resulting in mould, mildew and even structural rot. We can install fans with LED lights, this is modern option providing function as well as fashion.



Environexus provides simplistic systems to control lighting, appliances, curtains, blinds security, keyless entry, heating, air conditioning, watering, blinds and audio video components. Additional benefits include savings on designer switches and touch screens. Systems will provide functionality, convenience, flexibility to homeowners and will increase the value of your property.

Switchboard upgrades, RCD safety switches & Smoke Alarms Does your home have safety protection? If your home does not have a working safety switch, has not been tested or if your switchboard is made of asbestos call AUE for domestic switchboard installation, upgrade or repair.

Telltale signs of old switchboards include flickering lights, old rewire-able fuses, the switch board is fitted in an asbestos panel, the main or safety switches are missing or circuits are unidentifiable. Unsafe circuits are a fire danger to your home. Since 1998 Smoke alarms have been mandated by law in any residential or rental property. Smoke alarms are the most effective early detection device which can save your family’s life and your property. Talk to AUE about the most cost effective smoke detectors for your home or undertake fire alarm maintenance.

Energy management

AUE can provide the best advice about making your home and office energy efficient, reducing your usage, which is beneficial to the environment and will save you money

Installation of home theatre systems

Create your ultimate home theatre systems and experience exceptional surround sound. Our electricians can assist you plan the right system for your room with recommendations on choosing the type of system you want encompassing audio electronics, in ceiling speakers, across-home sound and TV installations.

24 hour emergency service

Our mobile qualified electricians with the latest equipment and tools are available to service the Adelaide metropolitan area who can restore power to your premises professionally, timely and effectively.
Call 0488 488 988 to discuss how we can tailor solutions to your needs

24 hour emergency service

Our mobile qualified electricians with the latest equipment and tools are available to service the Adelaide metropolitan area.


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